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               2018                            COPY DEADLINE                    DELIVERY DATE

      FEBRUARY ISSUE              12-JAN-18                          26-JAN-18

      MARCH ISSUE                     9-FEB-18                           23-FEB-18

      APRIL ISSUE                       16-MAR-18                        30-MAR-18

      MAY ISSUE                          13-APR-18                        27-APR-18

      JUNE ISSUE                        11-MAY-18                         25-MAY-18

      JULY ISSUE                         15-JUNE-18                      29-JUNE-18

​      AUGUST ISSUE                   13-JULY-18                       27-JULY-18

     SEPTEMBER ISSUE             17-AUG-18                       31-AUG-18

     OCTOBER ISSUE                 14-SEPT-18                     28-SEPT-18

     NOVEMBER ISSUE              12-OCT-18                       26-OCT-18 

     DECEMBER ISSUE               02-NOV-18                       16-NOV-18                     

Barefoot Tattler Production Schedule 2018

Welcome to the Website of the Barefoot Tattler Your South Mainland Monthly Newspaper Serving Barefoot Bay, the Greater Micco Area.
Below you'll find the Barefoot Publications for the last year and our production schedule including deadline dates. the Barefoot tattler is A FREE Publication who has been providing the local news and information to Barefoot Bay and the neighboring communities since 1978.

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