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Welcome to the Website of the Barefoot Tattler Your South Mainland Monthly Newspaper Serving Barefoot Bay, the Greater Micco Area.
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Barefoot Tattler Production Schedule 2013-14

2014                              Copy Deadline                     Delivery Date

   April Issue                           14-Mar-14                           28-Mar-14
May Issue                           11-Apr-14                            25-Apr-14
June Issue                          9-May-14                            23-May-14
July Issue                           13-Jun-14                            27-Jun-14
August Issue                      11-Jul-14                            25-Jul-14
  September Issue                8-Aug-14                            22-Aug-14
October Issue                     12-Sep-14                          26-Sep-14
 November Issue                 10-Oct-14                           24-Oct-14
December Issue                 7-Nov-14                            21-Nov-14